Klap No Risk started out purely as an events insurance specialist, and since then we have become very good at doing just that. Each year we provide insurance to over 500 events all over the world.

Because we noticed a lack of good insurance options for music artists, we also developed several policies specifically for artists.

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Events bring crowds of people together. And consequently, a lot can go wrong. What if an artist doesn’t show up? Or if materials are stolen, damaged or destroyed? Or even worse, you could be forced to cancel the event altogether. Whatever kind of event you are organizing, it is important to be aware of the risks you run, and to make sure everything is covered. Klap No Risk can help you with that.

Whether you are organizing a dance festival, a sporting event or a trade fair, we can provide you with reliable, affordable insurance that is tailored to fit the style and scale of your event. Our policies are valid all over the world, so it doesn’t matter where the event takes place.

The following things can be insured:

» Cancellation
» No-show artist
» Rain / bad weather
» Terrorism
» Profit
» Liability
» Material damage
» Accidents
» Money


While event insurance has become very common, artists are often not adequately insured – or not at all. Even though being insured sufficiently is very important for artists. Artists’ careers rely very heavily upon their physical and mental condition, which makes them particularly vulnerable. There are many things that can make it impossible for an artist to perform. His plane could be delayed, he could fall ill, break his leg or start suffering from damaged vocal cords. If an artist is unable to perform, he misses out on revenue that he had counted on. Illness or an accident can even ruin an artists career completely. Klap No Risk offers a solution to this problem: bookings insurance. Artists can protect their livelihood with this policy.

For artists that travel regularly, we offer international health insurance. That way, artists don’t have to wait to be back home to go to the dentist or visit a doctor. Moreover, they can decide where they a to undergo treatment, whether it be in a regular hospital or in a private practice.

Our liability insurance policies are valid all over the world as well. The policy will always be adapted to local legislation.                

We also offer tailored career end– and disability insurance policies. And we are able to insure (international) music tours.

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We will take the time to determine exactly what you need, and we will provide you
with policies that are tailored to your specific needs.