When organizing an event, it is important to think about the risks you could run into. What if an artist doesn’t show up? Or if materials are stolen, damaged or destroyed? Or even worse, you could be forced to cancel the event altogether. Klap No Risk offers insurance policies to cover all these risks. Aside from events, we provide insurance for artists and international music tours.

Working on a film- or television production is never predictable. Therefore it is important to consider the risks that production entails. Expensive materials are used that could get damaged, or actors could suddenly be indisposed. When things don’t go as planned, this can result in enormous costs. That is why it is important to insure your production. Klap No Risk offers insurance policies worldwide and at the best rates. We also offer E&O’s, completion bonds and a cash flow-facility.

To freelancers that work in the events industry, Klap No Risk offers all the insurance policies they need in order to be able to carry out their profession properly. These policies are specifically designed for freelancers in this industry. The policies are valid worldwide, and can easily be combined with your private insurance. Klap No Risk is available seven days a week, so if you need us while you’re at a festival during the weekend you don’t have to wait until Monday.

If you work in the film industry you are constantly working on different projects. Your work circumstances are always different. You might also travel regularly for work. You don’t have a standard job, and so standard insurance policies don’t suffice. We offer all the policies you need. You can calculate the costs and take out the policies online.