Events bring large crowds of people together. And consequently, a lot can go wrong. What if an event-goer gets injured? Or if an artist that has been booked to perform at the event, is unable to be there? Or even worse, you could be forced to cancel the event altogether. Whatever kind of event you are organizing, it is important to be aware of the risks you run, and to make sure everything is covered. No Risk can help you with that.
Whether you are organizing a dance festival, a sporting event or a trade fair, No Risk will provide you with reliable, affordable insurance that is tailored to fit the style and scale of your event.
(  Although we are an international operator, we work with local policies. So in China, we use the yuan, and our policies are in accordance with Chinese legislation.

But of course, all our policies are valid worldwide!  )


Sometimes promotors are forced to cancel an upcoming event. They protect their company and their brand against this risk by taking out cancellation insurance. A cancellation policy covers all expenses that have been made beforehand, as well as everything that still has to be paid for (venue, advertising, artists, etc.). If an event is interrupted, delayed of cancelled, the production costs will be paid out.

(  – We are always able to meet the requirements that artists may have.  )

No show

Events are regularly cancelled because one or several artists that have been booked to perform at the event, are unable to be there – for example because they are ill or because their plane is delayed.

An artist not showing up to your event can cost you a lot of money in lost revenue. Our no show-policy covers this risk.

Adverse weather

In the past couple of years several large events have been cancelled because of heavy rain or storm.

Our weather policy protects outdoor events from lost profits due to adverse weather conditions. Accessibility of the festival grounds is included in this policy too.


Event organizers usually assume that their event will turn out to be profitable. But if an event gets cancelled, the expected profits will be lost. No Risk offers the unique possibility to insure profits.


Event organizers can be held accountable when injury is caused to event-goers or damage is caused to people’s property during an event. This policy covers the financial consequences of these claims.

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